Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A new source of Internet!

I'm sitting here in the computer lab at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, where they have internet access on their desktop computers. Last night I spent about two hours in the library trying to download Cisco's VPN client from the BUW website. Unfortunately I have a 64-bit OS, and the only version put out by Cisco is a 32-bit version. So I downloaded a virtual machine and sort of attempted to run XP on it, but then I realized I didn't have the XP install files or anything. So I gave up. Fortunately the internet started working at the house again last night, but now I have another place to work!

The weekend was interesting. On Saturday, we took a bus to Naumburg and visited the northernmost winery in the entire world. You don't understand just how perfect the surroundings were. Like, take any movie that includes a vineyard. Let's say... The Parent Trap with Lindsay Lohan. Remember how it was all bright and terracotta and everything? Exact same deal here. And like, the people who worked there were all attractive. Almost too attractive. Even the guy who gave us the tour. Now, I'm not generally one for judging how guys look, but I could tell that this guy was extremely good-looking.

Quick interruption... this girl just came in and noticed I had my water bottle in front of the computer next to me, so she asked really loudly who it belonged to. I was also sitting in the chair that belonged to the computer station next to me because I was moving around and helping people install the VPN client earlier. I said (very politely) that it was mine, and then I apologized and gave her the chair I was sitting in. She just rolled her eyes and mumbled something. Now was that necessary?

Anyway, the guy at the vineyard made me just feel embarrassed to be there. But after I got over that, there was a wine tasting. I'm not gonna lie and say the "palate" of one was different from another or the "bouquets" were very fine or what have you... to be honest, they all tasted pretty much like wine. Except for the last one, which tasted like really sweet wine. At the end of everything, I bought something for someone who follows this blog, so I won't say what it was. But it's really nice.

Oh, excuse me, girl next to me. I'm sorry my water bottle was a centimeter to the right of where you wanted it. Thanks for moving it just now.

So then on Sunday we took a train to Erfurt. I rented a bike and rode along the Saale river for an hour. And many tours were had, and much gaeity was shared by all who attended.

Today is just not a day for writing a blog post. I've been pretty down all weekend and I'm totally not focused on this. I'll write more later.


  1. I love that really sweet wine! Probably only because all the other types are gross.
    You're cool for riding a bike along the river. (:

  2. Awwww. You bought me something.

  3. Hey, I do one day want my green water bottle back =)

    Also, I think it's totally sweet that you bought Joey something! =P

    Also also, don't let that hot German guy with notoriously great genes (and perhaps jeans as well!) get you down! Hold your own, you hot, sexy American stud!