Friday, June 11, 2010

What's this "internet" thing I'm connected to?

So... strangest thing. For the last two days, I've been able to get fairly reliable internet access. In my room. Can you believe it? That's where I am now! Before the connection explodes, I'm gonna put up those pictures of the tortellini. Ready?
I had another picture, but I think Blogspot might have eaten it.

Anyway, remember how I said I said we'd see how those dark circles under my eyes would turn out? Well yesterday morning, out of nowhere, a blitzkrieg of congestion invade my nose like it was Poland in 1938. It was so sudden that I actually got shocked. Like, the kind of shocked that happens when a really loud noise happens right next to you. Except instead of a loud noise, it's a lot of mucus, and instead of right next to you, it's in your nose. But by the end of the day, it was gone. I'm pretty sure my nose just realized I was out of the country or something and decided to throw a hissy fit. But it got over it. We're fine now.

Let's see... Since my last post, I've taken two quizzes, and I got a 95 on one of them. The other one was taken this morning, so I don't know how I did yet. But I did have


That doggie let me pet him. He was a big sweetie. Anyway, like I was saying, I did have a presentation on Michael Schummacher today.

After school today, I went home and started farting around with the computer, trying to make the interface between the computer and the iPod better. I refuse to use iTunes, but in exchange for that, I have some ghetto methods for putting music on it. It seems to have to change every time I want to update my music. But I feel my iPod has character due to it. Well, after I had to wipe the iPod's harddrive of all the music and start re-adding it, I decided it was a good time to go for a walk.

So I stopped the transfer of songs, and I walked.

And I walked, and I walked, and I kept walking until I didn't know where I was, then I walked some more. And then the road turned into a field of wheat, and then the wheat field turned into a gravel path, and then that turned into a dirt path, and that turned into a muddy path, and eventually I found myself in the middle of a forest, but I kept walking. And that led me to a dirt road with a huge, towering railroad bridge overhead, probably about 200 feet. And at the base of the bridge, next to a pylon, was a memorial to a boy who died there some time ago. I had a moment of silence, and then I saw a "path" (I used this term in the loosest possible meaning) leading up to the top of the bridge. I put it in quotes because the angle of the path relative to the horizon was between 45 and 70 degrees all the way up. I had to hold onto narrow tree trunks going up it. It took me a few minutes, but I managed to make it up the 200 vertical feet to the top. And it was very much worth it.

The railroad bridge crossed over the river Ilm on the very east side of Weimar, going north-south. I started walking north over the bridge. The concrete turned into loose stones after I crossed it, and it started reminding me of the epic adventure I took with Joey Slater in Atlanta one day. I walked for about thirty minutes and eventually reached a railroad depot, at which point I decided I should probably get back to civilization. So I hopped a fence and found myself in the middle of a street in some suburb north of Weimar. After wandering around for a few minutes, I saw a sign that pointed me in the direction of something I recognized. And on the way there, I found a music store that had some super nice European harmonicas. Yeah, I need to get one.

I love getting lost.

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  1. Hey; Sweets. Good about the internet. Sorry about your congestion blitzkrieg. And DON'T go schlepping around the wilderness by yourself on steep bridges where a boy has died. Haven't you heard about the guy who fell off Stone Mtn earlier this year? I guess Monica told you we bagged the train trip to NJ. It was potentally a horrible nightmare. Uncle Don is bummed. Gotta go now - Love you. Please be safe and don't put yourself into dangerous situations. Congrats about the good grades, keep it up!